Small Act, Big Change.

About the Grant

From the money we raise, we invest in grassroots projects by individual volunteers and community-based organizations who seek to create a violence free environment for women and girls. Every month of the year, our selection panel selects a new project that will receive $300 in seed grant.

As that project progresses, community leaders and organizations can access capacity-building support, more grants, and network with others.
Through these efforts, we empower vibrant individual and community response of global change makers who seek to protect and promote rights of girls and women in Nigeria.

Got Questions?

Eligibility Check

Do you meet our Requirements



Grants will be awarded to individuals and community-based organizations working on issues around abuse, violence, domestic abuse.


Project Planning

We check if you have same focus on Training, General Education/Awareness, Community Outreach/Involvement, Special Case Intervention Funding, Donations etc. that promotes abuse and violence prevention to benefit women and girls in Nigeria.



Grants Disbursement to Individuals Global Change makers, community based organizations/groups, public schools
on an available rolling basis.

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